Soon! Festival Planet Arava-2
10 Lectures | 18 Workshops | Photo contest with total awards up to 20 000 NIS

Photographer: Aviv Etzion


התחרות הגדולה יוצאת לדרך! אנגלית

ניתן להעביר תמונות על פי הרשום בתקנון עד לתאריך 15.10.19.

התחרות מתקיימת ב-5 קטגוריות ובגרנד פרי.

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Arava International Photography Festival 2

Ready your cameras, adjust your lenses, because it's just about to start – Planet Arava, the international nature photography festival amidst the powerful vistas of the desert.

Photographer: Dani Hadas

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הפסטיבל בחסות:

לוגו פלנט ערבה
לוגו arava way
לוגו arava way

Photographer: Doron Nissim

Workshops with top nature photographers

The Planet Arava weekend includes 18 master classes and 10 lectures with leading and renowned nature photographers in Israel and worldwide, guided night photography sessions, tours of the desert landscapes, and closing with a photography exhibition awarding prizes of up to 20 000NIS.

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Photographer: Ilan Biel

Hosting at the vacation units in the Arava settlements

Participants in the Planet Arava International Photography Festival will enjoy hosting in the Arava's kibbutzim, on an accommodation and breakfast/dinner basis. Special packages for participants of the festival including the registration fee - follow the link!

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How do I register for and participate in the festival?

Photographer: Chen Toufikian

Fill in the registration form on the website, send photos taken in Arava, pay a registration fee of 500NIS, order your place in master classes, lectures and other events at Planet Arava-2 festival, and also take part in the contest with total awards up to 20 000NIS

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Planet Arava-2018 Winners