The Studio Gavra School of Photography has for the past five decades trained the best photographers in Israel. Studio Gavra was founded in the early 1960s by Gavra Mandil and functioned as a commercial photography studio which specialized in fashion and advertising photography in Israel.

Gavra was a photographer and an educator; many of his photos graced magazine covers, posters and notices, and have remained etched in our collective imagery to this very day. He taught photography at institutions such as Bezalel, Hadassah College, Kiryat Ono College and WIZO College, and was among those who shaped the first generations of professional photographers in Israel.

About thirty years ago, Gavra decided to collect all the knowledge and experience he had gained at one place and to turn his studio into a school of photography. His dream was to pass on his knowledge, professionalism and the deep love he had for the profession of photography.

Today the school is run by Gavra's daughter and son, Ruthie Mandil-Halabi and Ron Mandil, who carry on his professional and educational legacy: "to do what we love (most), to be the best at what we do (and to always continue to improve) and to have no fear at all (or rather, to not let fear stop us)…" – to live our lives to the fullest, to realize the potential hidden in each of us, to dare to change, be changed and make a difference!

Studio Gavra offers its students educational settings intended for those who wish to study photography at the highest professional level and to engage in photography as a profession, alongside studies of the fundamental principles and short courses intended for photography enthusiasts on various levels who wish to study photography in order to deepen and enrich their personal photography experience.

Studio Gavra has adopted as its motto the saying "this is where photographers come from" – we commit to a high professional level and undertake that every graduate will have an empowering experience during their studies and will go out into the world of photography possessing knowledge and technical tools.

The workshop is titled "Man and Nature – a Photography Workshop in the Timna Landscapes" under the guidance of Sharon Stern | B.H.