*The document is written in the masculine gender, but refers to both sexes

1. General
An international photography festival is to take place on November, 7-9, 2019, in the course of which a grand prize-bearing contest will be held. The purpose of the contest is to expose the region's beauty as a region for international photography tourism, as well as to raise awareness to the preservation of the region's natural merits.

2. Conduct of the contest in 4 categories:
- Bird and wildlife photography
- Landscape and astronomy
- Macro photography
- A sequential story (3-5 photos of the same subject)

A) The area of the contest is defined as extending from the Ornithological Park through Neot Smadar to Menuha Junction (not including the municipal area of the city of Eilat and the Red Sea).
B) Each participant may submit up to 3 photos from each category.
C) A team of five judges will receive the photos submitted before the festival, as well as photos which will be taken in the field during the festival, and will make its selection.
D) The team of judges will select one winning photo from each category.
E) One photo out of all the photos admitted to the contest, which is selected by the team of judges, will win the first prize (the grand prize). The photo which wins the grand prize cannot win in one of the categories, and if a photo is selected both in a category and for the grand prize, the runner-up photo in the same category will win the category prize according to the decision of the judges.
F) The photos submitted prior to the contest will be printed for display at the exhibition according to the artistic decision of the contest's curator.
G) Photos taken in the field during the festival which are selected for display by the judges will be projected onto screens at the exhibition and will be printed for a traveling exhibition after the festival.
H) The deadline for advance submission of photos for the contest is October 15, 2019 at 24:00. The deadline for submission of photos taken during the festival at one of the workshops or during an independent photography outing is November 9, 2019 at 06:00.
I) All photos will be delivered to the judges for their review anonymously. A photo which is submitted when bearing a name or a photographer's signature and/or bearing any mark whatsoever will immediately be disqualified by the chairperson of the judges.
J) Email address for sending photos to the contest: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Who will participate in the contest
A) One who has registered for the festival and has paid the specified registration fee
B) Is not one of the festival's associates and does not engage in organizing the event
C) Is not a relative of the event's entrepreneurs.
D) Is not a judge or a lecturer or hosts workshops at the festival.
E) A person whose provided information (mobile phone, email, address) is correct and available at all times.
F) Anyone who gives their consent to have the photos published in a closing album with credit to the photographer.
G) Participation in the contest is consent by the participant to the festival's management's use of the photos with credit being given to the photographer (the use of the photos is for the purpose of the festival's advertising and promotion this year and in the coming years).
H) Photos taken in the southern Arava (see Section 2A), starting from the year 2014 (subject to proof by the photographer of the dates of the photo taken).
I) Only photos sent to the contest's official email, and subject to certification of registration and the payment of the registration fee, will be accepted.
J) The photos must be in JPEG, NEF, RAW format, at a resolution of at least 300 DPI.

4. Restrictions on the contestants
A) The photos for the contest are of the southern Arava only.
B) The photos may not be edited using an editing software (such as Photoshop). Slight modifications may be made, such as: contrast, brightness, cropping. No drastic modifications to the photo may be made, such as joining disparate photos into one photo, adding elements to an original photo, modifying/replacing the background.
C) The judges, according to their discretion, may request the original photo from the photographer. If the photographer refuses the judges' request, the photo will be disqualified.
D) Photos of people against the background of nature may not be submitted.
E) Photos which won the "Nature Through the Lens" contest and/or contests known to the judges.

5. Festival's management
A) The choice of the prizes is at the responsibility of the festival's management and according to its discretion.
B) The festival's management and organizers are not liable for any bodily injuries or property damages whatsoever or for any harm caused to the festival's participants.
C) There is no appeal of the judges' decisions and selections. Judgment is carried out anonymously. No explanation of the judges' decision (other than with the judges' consent) may be demanded and/or given. A representative of the judges will explain and specify the judicial decisions at the gala soirée.
D) The festival's management may halt the contest and/or modify the contest's terms at all times.